Recognizing World Mental Health Day In Durham

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Monday marked World Mental Health Day, a growing concern not only in Durham Region, but around the world.

“What we see in a week most people don’t see in a lifetime and unfortunately in our line of business it will continue to grow.”

DRPS say over a 12 month period there were just under 3-thousand calls related to mental health.  The average number is around 180 per month.

“Our calls for service with a mental health component are increasing considerably year after year and much more complex the time of calls.”

Such calls are not only going up for the police here but is also a growing concern in the community.

“1 in 5 people will experience a mental illness in their lifetime and 4 out of 5 wont but that doesn’t mean they are doing well mentally.”

Police receive training on how to deal with mental health calls.  But when it comes to the officers themselves, there are  programs in place to help with their own state of mind.

“We have a peer support program through our human resources organization that is very supportive and we have benefits for our folks when they need to reach out to outside services, a psychologist or a psychiatrist to help them deal with some of these issues.”

Durham Health says there are many steps residents can take to help their mental health state, “taking walks, spending time outdoors, eating lots of fruits and vegetables and getting of sleep.  Adults need between 7-9 hours of sleep at night.”

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