Community Collects Clothes For Those In Need

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It’s been fulfilling a need  for nearly thirty years.  The annual food for clothing exchange kicked off today at schools across the Region.  With more, here’s Joe Scarpelli.

Jim Fergusson is a retired salesman.  On a frigid winter morning 29 years ago, he noticed a little girl ill prepared for the elements.

“She only had a light jacket on, didn’t have a hat, no snow suit, and little rubber puddle boots.”

He says he knew he had to do something when he continued to see the same little girl walking without a winter coat, every morning…

“That’s what inspired me to help these people and how do you help them without offending them and that’s why I came up with the food for clothing exchange.”

The food for clothing drive  allows people to receive donated clothing in exchange for non-perishable food…although a food donation is not mandatory.  To kick off this year’s program  Fergusson was joined by school volunteers at Monsignor Pereyma Secondary School.

Livia Le “I just want to help our community become a better place overall.”

Jane Hruska “I see a lot of homeless people and I feel really bad for them and I feel like we should be doing everything in our power to help them out.”

Gerald Ralones “We’re just trying to help out the community and we’re supposed to help each other out.”

Participating schools across Durham Region will be collecting clothes until November 4th.  As for the girl responsible for inspiring Fregusson, he hasn’t seen her since that winter in the 80’s.

“I wish I could find her and just see how she’s doing.  Her name is Jennifer and she lived in the apartments on Eulalie Avenue.  It would be nice to know how she made out and I guess thank her for inspiring this.”

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