Local Singing Sensation Takes On Popular Talk Show Host

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

A Durham College student is taking over the airwaves with her music and as Joe Scarpelli explains, she is giving a late night talk show host a run for his money with hew new video.

It started out as a typical writing and recording session organized by her manager…it’s now a top 40 song which is getting airplay across Canada.

“We wanted something for people to listen to and want to dance to…young people, young women to relate to.  So we came up with this idea of having fun and going out and doing your own thing and just not being held back by anything.  Just doing what a young person wants to do.”

While many Canadians have heard Sarah Mark’s hit single ‘Tun Up’ on the airwaves, Mark has yet to hear it herself on the radio as she’s been back home in Trinidad all summer.

“I haven’t heard it.  Anytime I’m in a car with someone I’m like ‘ok, let’s listen to the radio and let’s see if they’ll play it.'”

Mark is a student at Durham College.  She graduated in June and returned for a third year to earn additional credits in the Music Business Management program.

“It’s very modern, it’s a very contemporary program.  It’s all about the music industry.  It’s everything you need to know basically to survive in the music industry.”

Durham College president Don Lovisa celebrated Mark’s success with a carpool karaoke ride.

“What a cool guy… to be in on something like this.”

The 20 year old  just finished recording a new song called ‘misunderstood’ and hopes to have it released in November.

“Hopefully the feedback will be just as great as or greater than it was for ‘Tun Up.”

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