Lakeridge Health Lot To Become Home To New Community Garden

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Right now it’s a vacant lot, but soon some Lakeridge Health property will be transformed into a fruit and vegetable garden, which will provide free food for local residents.   Joe Scarpelli has the story.

 First they cleared the negative energy with a traditional Native American practice.  Then it was time to break ground.  A piece of land on Lakeridge Health property will soon be the home of Alexandra’s Bounty Garden, a fruit and vegetable garden by the community for the community.

“Everybody shares in creating it and everybody shares in harvesting from it.”

Carol Cavallari is the founder of We Grow Food, which has 36 other gardens in Durham Region.  But this one is a little different as it’s located at a hospital.  Paul McGary is the Director of Mental Health and Addiction at Lakeridge, he says his patients can benefit from this.

“From a patients recovery point of view there is a lot of evidence and research that demonstrates that participating in outdoor activities and therapeutic activities when your working side by side with your community members is really good for you physically, mentally, psychologically and for your overall well being.”

Sheila Jones participates in maintaining one of the gardens in south Oshawa.  She calls the garden her extra child and is thrilled to learn a new one will soon be born.

“The fact that the food was free and you didn’t have to pay for it…to me, that was amazing and I couldn’t believe it at all.  And there are no chemicals added so I don’t have to worry about what’s in it to feed my kids.”

The build begins October 29 and will provide approximately four thousand pounds of food in the first year.

“We don’t judge people for just coming to pick.”

Cavallari says she just has one request, “that is the only rule, just take what you need for that day, for that meal…that’s it.”

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