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Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

People from Newcastles all around the world  were in Canada this week visiting Newcastle in Durham Region for the ninth ‘Newcastles of the World Conference.’  Joe Scarpelli has this story.

There are over one hundred Newcastle’s in the world.  Every two years delegates from Newcastle’s gather in a host country for a conference where they build relationships and learn from one another.  This year Newcastle, Ontario played host.

Emily from UK “It’s been amazing and I’m completely in love with Tim Horton’s.”

Emily Dormer is 17 and from the UK where she was elected Member of Youth Parliament.  She represents young people and gets to speak in the House of Commons. She’s enjoyed her weeklong stay in Canada.

“The people have just been so friendly and all the streets in Newcastle are lined with our flags and everyone sees us with our lanyards and they want to say hi to us and find out why we’re here and it’s just brilliant, it’s been so welcoming.”

Emily made friends with Mirie Luise from from Germany.

“Canada is the best and I’m feeling really confident and good to be here.”

Upon arrival, she was given a welcome bag which included maple syrup.  Luise says she’s already thinking about what she’s going to do when she finishes her syrup.

“It’s a good reason to come back, isn’t it?”

A representative from Switzerland says attending this conference is much different than a vacation.

Christine Gaillard from Switzerland “You experience something that a tourist would never see.  To be integrated in the community here, to be shown around and have access to everywhere, it’s really great.”

The alliance was created in the UK and held its first ever meeting in 1998 in Shinshiro, Japan.  The mayor of Japan’s Newcastle made his first trip to Canada this week.

“I had a very high expectation and I was very much looking forward to coming to Canada and I found that it’s much more than I expected.”

The 2018 Newcastles of the World conference returns to Shinshiro to celebrate its 20th


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