DRPS Investigating Possible Murder-Suicide In Whitby

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Police are giving little information on what is being investigated as a case of murder-suicide in Whitby.  Joe Scarpelli reports.

Shannon Hughes is at a loss for words when talking about the what took place in her apartment building Friday.  44-year-old Peria Stachow and her six-year-old daughter Sarah were found dead in their Hickory Street South apartment in Whitby.
“Very sad, very sad time for everyone at this building.”
“I guess all we can do now is just pray right? Wish the rest of the family the best.”
We’ve learned the case is being investigated as a murder-suicide
“To me, that’s the saddest thing out there, knowing that you don’t have the love and support from anybody or you couldn’t do something by yourself….that hurts.”
A post mortem was completed Saturday, though the cause of death of both females is not being released.
“It’s hard not to think of.”
Police say no suspects are being looked for in this matter.  For now, residents of the apartment, known as Cormack Station, are left with many questions but few answers as they remember the mom and daughter from the fifth floor.
“She seemed very, very nice.  She seemed like she loved her daughter and her daughter was very happy.
“She was a very quiet lady…kept to herself…very nice daughter.”
Residents say the 44-year-old mother lived alone with her daughter and believe she has no other family in Canada.  There are plans to release balloons into the air Friday night in memory of Peria and Sarah.

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