Looking At The Many Rules Durham Drivers Forget

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Last week Durham police doled out 75 tickets in one day for their distracted driving blitz.  Last evening we took a ride around Oshawa to find out what other rules of the road citizens may be breaking.

Everyday hundreds of tickets are handed out to drivers who don’t obey the rules of the road… some of the tickets are careless driving errors.

“Before we actually started the ride along with you, you pulled somebody over for going the wrong way on a one way, what kind of ticket could’ve he faced? There is a ticket for driving the wrong way on a one way street.  It is a $110 ticket.”

It wasn’t long after Constable Cory Adams started his patrol that he pulled somebody over.

“A lot of people do what they called a rolling stop, where they slow down but there wheels never stop.  They look the way to see if it is clear then they proceed, they almost treat it like a yield sign, rather than a stop sign.”

In most city centers one way streets are common. The one way also poses questions from drivers…  can you turn on a red light down a one way street?

“As long as you are in the left lane of the one way and turning to the closest late on a one way and there are no signs posting saying that you can’t make the turn, it is a legal turn.”

Back alleys are also common but sometimes they are tricky to turn into. Many drivers use the middle lane to turn into the alleys which could actually cost you a few dollars.

“You have to make it out of the far left lane, you can’t make it out of another lane because of traffic, the ticket is about $110 dollars.”

Distracted driving is becoming a big issue, but it goes beyond drivers using cell phones and tablets while behind the wheel.

“I’ve seen people doing their makeup while they are driving, I’ve seen people reading textbooks, people doing their hair, and then you get into the distracted stuff people using their cellphones, using full size iPads and we have caught people watching movies.”

The biggest piece of advice Constable Adams has for drivers? Pay attention.

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