Justin Bieber Backs Out Of Bowmanville Zoo Fundraiser

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On Wednesday, the Bowmanville Zoo announced that Justin and Bieber and his family would be attending a fundraising event this weekend at the zoo.  Later in the day, Justin Bieber’s dad took to Twitter and said otherwise.  Joe Scarpelli had more.

“We found out yesterday that the Bieber family was not able to come and we’re disappointed.”

Lynn Holland, the Bowmanville zoo’s executive administrator, says she did not know whether or not the Bieber family had committed to attending a fund raiser, but she does know an invitation was sent.

“Yes there was an invite and we were just informed through his fathers post that they were not coming.”

Monday, the Bowmanville Zoo requested a meeting with Municipality of Clarington officials and Durham Police.

Basia Radomski says, “We were informed at that time that there was going to be a special event of significant magnitude involving potential celebrities at the zoo.”

The event is supposed to raise money to relocate the zoo’s animals when the doors shut in October.

The attendance started to decline after PETA released a video in late December that shows owner Michael Hackenberger allegedly whipping a tiger multiple times. The video led to Hackenburger facing animal cruelty charges that he is currently fighting in court.  Wednesday, Clarington officials receive email confirmation that the event was taking place.

“With careful consideration, staff had decided that for public safety we were going to close a portion of Highway 2 down.”

Later that day, a post appeared on the Bowmanville Zoo’s Facebook page saying that the Bieber family would be attending a fundraising event for the zoo on Sunday.

In a matter of hours, Justin Bieber’s father, Jeremy, took to Twitter and said his family is not affiliated with any zoo, nor are they apart any fundraiser.

Thursday, the Municipality of Clarington decided to no longer shut down a stretch of Highway 2 on Sunday and tickets that the zoo was selling for $295 have been refunded…. a revised ticket price is still in the works as a fundraiser will still be happening.  The zoo is urging people to check their updates for announcements.

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