Tourist Dies In Crash In Uxbridge Township

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

“God Bless the poor people, poor man lost his life.” John McCombe witnessed a horrific crash on Thursday night. He lives at the corner of Goodwood Road and Front Street in Uxbridge, the intersection that was the scene of crash that claimed the life of a 63-year-old man.

“There’s accidents here all the time… and many, many near accidents.” McCombe said.”Look at this guy, you can hear it in the tires… you know he’s going way too fast.”

According to police this accident was not a result of speeding.”At this time here there’s nothing to indicate speed is a factor,” DRPS Spokesperson Sgt Bill Calder said “but it’s very early into the investigation.”

The car was headed southbound when it entered the intersection and collided with the eastbound SUV.

“The intersection is controlled by a stop sign and that would mean that the person that was going southbound would have had to yield the right of way.” Said Calder.

The victim was a passenger in the SUV who was visiting from China.  The three other occupants were treated for minor injuries.  The 50 year old woman who was driving the second vehicle escaped injury.


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