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Oshawa’s Matt Hughes put on quite a show in his Olympic debut.  He wasn’t at his best Wednesday morning, but as tornado tells us, his family and friends couldn’t be more proud.

Family and friends of Oshawa’s Matt Hughes gathered to watch the first-time Olympian compete in the 3000-metre steeplechase finals.

Hughes, a 2015 Pan Am gold medalist and a two-time NCAA champion, expressed disappointment with his 11th place finish.

Hughes spoke with his family via phone.

“Just didn’t have it… that’s what happens when you don’t have it.”

James Hughes is proud of his brother, “It was amazing.  We’re so proud that he’s an Olympian.”

Mary Hughes still can’t believe her brother was at the Olympics, “Honestly, it still doesn’t feel real.”

The Hughes family consists of mom, dad, and seven siblings.

Matt’s mom, Kelly says, “we’re a pretty competitive family… he (Matt) was super competitive.”

Mary adds, “like even too competitive almost… we can’t play board games as a family.”

Matt Hughes’ competitiveness is what motivated him to become an Olympian.  According to mom, it all started 20 years ago, “Matthew’s Olympic dream really started with the 96 Olympics.  That’s when Donovan Bailey and his 4×100 team won the gold medal and he would just sit at that TV telling us that one day he’s going to be an Olympian and he’s going to beat that guy.”

Matt t will return home early Friday morning and has a get together with family and friends scheduled for that evening.

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