Ajax Man Arrest For Human Trafficking

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

A 25-year-old Ajax man has been arrested for weapons and human trafficking-related offences after he manipulated a female into the sex trade.

In May 2016, an investigation was launched after a female victim reported that a male she met on social media last year convinced her to work in the sex trade and then used threats and intimidation, including showing her a handgun, to ensure she continued to work for him. The victim was able to free herself from the sex trade in March 2016.

Earlier today, the suspect was arrested by police at a motel in Toronto in the company of a sex trade worker. Investigators want to ensure there are no other victims.

Richmond ASAMOAH, age 25, of Ajax, is charged with: Obtaining Sexual Services for Consideration; Material Benefit from Sexual Services;  Procuring/Exercise Control; Advertising Another Person’s Sexual Services; Trafficking in Persons; Financial/Material Benefit from Trafficking person over 18; Withholding Documents; Theft Under $5000 x2; Use Firearm to Commit Indictable Offence; and Carry a Concealed Weapon.  He was held for a bail hearing.

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