Oshawa Residents Cleaning Up After Storm Causes Major Damage

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South Oshawa residents continue to clean up the damage after Saturday’s wicked storm.  Joe Scarpelli has more.

When Mike Lane and his family left home Saturday morning, his wheel barrel was in his backyard.

“We had a trampoline and we still haven’t had any confirmed sightings of its location.

In place of his trampoline, he found his neighbour’s trees.

“A kitchen sink landed near our yard that wasn’t there before.”

Heavy showers and severe gusts of wind caused mayhem in a south Oshawa neighbourhood.

Cole Docherty

“There’s a chair whipping by my window at 1:30 in the afternoon.”

Suzanne Defour

“This huge branch here travelled up the street, the metal up the street.”

Richard Brooks

“The sidings all ripped off, the fences are down all around the back, trees all over the place…. it’s just devastating.

Environment Canada estimates winds speeds reached up to 120 kilometres an hour.

Suzanne Defour

“I thought mini tornado, for sure.”

Following an investigation, Environment Canada says the damage caused by Saturday’s storm was not from a tornado, it was a downburst.

Geoff Coulson, Environment Canada

“Tornados tend to have damage tracks that are long and narrow.  Downbursts tend to be more sporadic and sort of broader in damage they do and that was more the type of damage I was seeing.”

Two days later, Terrence Persad took the day off work to clean the mess left behind in his backyard.  A tree taller than his house, now lays on the ground.

“I loved this tree.  It provided a lot of shade… and the squirrels and the birds.”

Environment Canada also investigated possible tornado sightings in Ashburn north of Whitby, Wellesley and Brampton, but say these too were downbursts.  The only confirmed tornado was on the north eastern shore of Lake Simcoe.

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