Brooklin Neighbourhood Gets A Makeover

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Whitby mayor Don Mitchell and members of council toured Brooklin Friday.  As Joe Scarpelli explains, they got a firsthand look at the changing face of the neighbourhood.

Mayor Mitchell

“Making our downtown wonderful is a big priority for this council.”

Local businesses were presented with grants up to five thousand dollars to match private investments to increase the curb appeal of commercial properties in downtown Brooklin.  2015 recipients completed renovations and Mayor Don Mitchell and members of council got a firsthand look at the final product.

Stop one: The Good Berry.  Sheila and Glen spent most of their money repairing the brick.  The building is over one hundred years old, so finding matching bricks was a challenge.

“To find buildings that were being torn down that were being destroyed and a lot of times they save the bricks for an instance like this.”

Next was Bryson Insurance.  They renovated everything from the roof, to the parking lot, to the landscaping.

Roseanne Shaw

“My heart… just like wow, every time I come here.”

Over the years, Cory and Michael Jancek of Raymond James Paragon Wealth Management, took this… to this.  The building now has a renovated front porch and new brick.

“This shows that the town actually cares about doing this kind of thing, which is good for the community.”

Dentist, Austin Saldanha was busy cleaning teeth when we visited his building, which features a new porch.

“We’re really happy to be part of the main street.  The program really helps get businesses to help make the street look better.”

And at Endless Ideas Interiors there’s new landscaping and they’ve also restored the porch.  Employee Carley Crossman knows the importance of a well-kept store front.

Carley Crossman

“It helps refresh and revive our facade, as well as downtown Brooklin, kind of giving an opportunity to locals and out-of-towners to have a great shopping destination.”

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