Tricking Technology At Bowmanville Laundromats

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

Durham police are still trying to identify two men after laundromats in Bowmanville were robbed back in June.  Joe Scarpelli caught up with the latest victim of a coin machine theft in Durham Region.

“My one week’s money is gone.”

Ken Lee owns two Laundromats and an ice cream shop in Bowmanville.  When he went to open his change machine in back June, he noticed something strange.

“We found there was no money at all.”

Lee says when he went to check the  security camera he discovered how his money disappeared.  Lee says four young guys spent more than a half hour at the machine with a 20 dollar bill tied to a string.  They would insert the bill just enough for the machine to read.  After it dispensed 20 dollars in coins, they yanked the bill out.  This was repeated several times until nearly $1500 was stolen.

“I was a little bit angry…upset.  But now I’ve calmed down.”

Chris Stegehuis is the Canadian GM for Coinco, the coin machine manufacturer.  He says this particular theft started in Alberta and was a big problem over two years ago.  Stegehuis says in early 2015 the company released new software to counteract the theft.

“Obviously it was concerning when it happened, but the issue quickly went away.”

Lee has since updated his machine.  Meanwhile, Durham police are trying to identify the two males.  Police say tipsters may be eligible for a $2,000 reward.

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