DRPS Welcomes Its Newest Member

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

The DRPS welcomed a new member to the team this morning, a new right hand man for the Chief of Police…

“This is a huge milestone for me and I am very pleased to be joining the Durham Regional Police Services.”
Durham Regional Police welcomed their newest member to the force, Deputy Chief Designate Uday Jaswal.
“I bring over 20 years of policing experience, hopefully I will be able to bring some new ideas, some fresh perspectives on some of the challenges that Durham may be facing right now but really it is about creating some made in Durham solutions supporting the great time here.”
Until today Police Chief Paul Martin only had one deputy chief, Deputy Chief Chris Fernandes.
“It’s easy now because we can now concentrate on some of the areas that I have taken on or we have had to move between our CAO and our other deputies.  We have added on other responsibilities over the last two years because we just haven’t had the capacity and now it’s nice that, all joking aside, its nice to have Deputy Jaswal to take on those responsibilities.”
“Right now they have got me slated as operations support so that’s sort of the criminal management side of things I think there will be discussions in the next few days about what exactly that will entail.”
Jaswal has served with the Ottawa police service since 1995.
An issue that both the deputy chief and the chief of police addressed in Monday’s ceremony was the changing relationship between the public and officers.
“I think one of the challenges obviously is that the things that we see going on in the United Sates certainly impact the residents in the way they think about policing in Canada and that is a bit of a challenge.”
“What you see in the States is a lot of friction and quite frankly there is a lot of racial tension in the United States and it is very polarizing.  We don’t see that to the extent up here but it is a fragile relationship and we have to maintain that credibility and legitimacy with our community.”

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