A Look At The Crimes Affecting Durham Region

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Stats Canada released a new report today showing that Ontario’s crime severity index which measures the volume and severity of crimes reported to police — went up by two per cent over the previous year. DRPS Chief of Police Paul Martin addresses the crime trends in Duham Region in part 2 of our exclusive interview.

“What we see is changes in the types of offenses that are occurring and as people become more knowledgeable about that they also report them more often.”

The DRPS are seeing a 30 year low in many criminal code categories.

“We have dropped significantly so the question becomes and you start hearing these questions amongst my peers and that have we kind of hit bottom and is there a further bottom to this can we continue to drive crime rates down and calls for service down?”

In Durham Region a stat that has gone up is fraud, whether it be retail fraud or ticket fraud.  It is an ongoing batter that the DRPS are trying to combat.

“We are seeing much more in the fraud and the changing nature of harm for some time but yeah I think one violent crime, especially one homicide is far too many.  Any crime against person in my opinion is one too many.”

With changing technology it is making it easier for people who don’t live in Durham to target residents in of Durham Region.

“We see the changes, especially with technology… bit coin, the internet of things, everything in your house will be connected.  So yes they make our life more convenient but they also create other opportunities for people that want to take advantage of that so we have to be much more proactive about dealing with those types of things.”

While the crime rate stayed the same in Ontario, Stats Canada says the national crime rate went up three per cent over the last year.

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