Dangers Of Being Dehydrated

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Today was a record setting day in many places across Ontario as the temperature soared.  If you’re driving on hot days like today, you might want to make sure you’re well hydrated, as Joe Scarpelli tells us, driving dehydrated can be a dangerous task.

“I’m going swimming in the lake with big waves.”

That’s how Emily is staying cool on this hot day.  Meanwhile, her sister Jesse was trying to stay warm… for a brief while at least.

“Because it’s windy and because I just got out of the water.”

The girls visit Oshawa’s beach as often as Grandma Jean can possibly take them.  But for Jean, she says she’s not much of a swimmer, she has other ways of keeping cool.

“I just sit here and enjoy the breeze and spray off the lake when the wind is up and drink lots of water and just stay cool that way.”

So what’s the big deal with staying hydrated anyway?  According to a study done by Britain’s Loughbrough University, hydration is important for more than just good health.  Researchers found that dehydrated drivers made just as many driving errors as someone would with blood alcohol content of 0.08% … the current legal driving limit in Ontario.

Jane Holdsworth, European Hydration Institute

“Don’t avoid having a drink before you go on a journey because you’re concerned about having to go to the bathroom. Make sure you’re well hydrated before you get in that car and you’re not restricting your fluid.”

It’s a preliminary study done in a lab. Drivers haven’t been road tested yet, but Jane says the lab results shouldn’t be ignored either.

“It could make that split second difference between you having an accident and not and if that’s the case it’s probably a good thing to do isn’t it?”

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