A Look At The Deadly Numbers In July

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

A new report by shows that July is the deadliest month for drowning and one company is trying to put an end to it one exam at a time.

In Ontario, 87% of boating-related fatalities shared one common fact, “the main common factor is they weren’t wearing their life jacket.”  A new study shows that July is the worst month for water-related fatalities. Deaths that according to mike dean could be easily avoided.

“The biggest thing would be confidence, especially guys or men. They are a little bit stubborn so they think they know it all and of course they get out on the boat and say they don’t need a life jacket I have been out here a hundred times before but next think you know they are in an emergency situation.”

With the warm weather blanketed over Durham Region this week many are opting to go out on the lake to cool off and enjoy the warmer temperatures.  It is important to make sure that you have all the safety devices on the boat before you leave not only for the safety of the passengers but also the safety of your wallet.

“It’s about a 250$ fine for each piece of equipment that you are missing.  So if you are missing two life jackets…$500… if you are missing all your safety equipment it’s going to add up really quickly.”

Besides wearing your life jacket and making sure your boaters are safe there is a rule that many forget when they go out to celebrate either the weekend of take a break on the lake.

“Don’t drink and drive.  It applies on a boat the same as it does in a car, it’s illegal, it’s irresponsible so you’re responsible for the people on your boat as well for the other boaters out on the lake.”

For more information on boater safety go to boaterexam.com

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