A Growing Concern In Oshawa

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

A group of Cannabis activists gathered at Memorial Park in Oshawa over the weekend to protest the current marijuana laws.

For the past few years Kyla and her friends have dubbed the first Saturday of each July “Oshawa Cannabis Day.”

“It’s a beautiful family friendly day.  Bring your pets, bring your friends, everybody’s welcome.”

This group of cannabis activists gathered at Memorial Park, ate snacks, played games one dubbed ‘stoner bingo,’ and consumed pot without anyone giving them a hard time.

“It is unusual behaviour.  But really, again, the focus isn’t on prosecution in an event like that.  This is an annual event, it happens every year.  We try to make sure that they’re over in a certain area of the park and that it doesn’t interfere with the enjoyment of others.”

The whole idea behind the public event is to protest the current Canadian laws surrounding marijuana.

“People are allowed to protest, it is protected in their constitutional rights.”

“Cannabis is medicine.  This is medicine for me, it’s medicine for everybody.  It shouldn’t be told to people that it’s not medicine and it should be legal for everybody to use.”

The Liberal Government has announced it will be introducing new legislation to legalize marijuana in the spring of 2017.  But until then, Durham Police will continue to enforce pot laws as is.

“Our role is to enforce existing laws.  When the laws change we will enforce the new laws but of course we’re still waiting to see what the details of that are.”

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