Daily Scoop – June 30, 2016

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Hollywood has a new queen bee… details in your Daily Scoop.

Scarlett Johansson has taken the crown as Hollywood’s highest-grossing actress ever.  A website called Box Office Mojo that tracks how much money movies make lists Johansson as the top-earning actress. It says her films have made more than $3.3 billion. Cameron Diaz is the second-highest-grossing actress, at just over $3 billion.  Johansson’s status on the list is no doubt helped by her recurring role as Black Widow in the Avengers series and other Marvel blockbusters, including this year’s “Captain America: Civil War.”

Nancy Grace, who parlayed her stint as a successful prosecutor into a two-decade career as one of cable’s most recognizable and controversial figures, will depart HLN, her TV home for the past 12 years, when her current contract expires in October.  Grace broke the news ‪Thursday morning to her staff at the network’s CNN Centre headquarters in Atlanta, where Grace shoots the majority of her shows.

Walt Disney has unveiled a sequel to Wreck-It Ralph that will hit theaters March 9, 2018.  Wreck-It Ralph director Rich Moore and screenwriter Phil Johnston made the announcement via a Facebook Live video on the Disney page.  Also on hand for the big reveal was Wreck-It Ralph star John C. Reilly who joked, “We are announcing Wreck-It Ralph? But I already announced that by accident.”

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