Whitby Residents Concerned Over String Of Crimes

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A community in Whitby is still trying to figure out who is responsible for causing thousands of dollars of damage.

“Since I’ve moved here it’s been one nightmare after another.”

Jennifer Ball is fed up with the criminal activity that has taken place at her residence in the White Oaks community in Whitby.

“There is damage here and down here.”

On the weekend Jennifer’s car was broken in to.

“I started to look around and noticed the other cars had been broken into in my parking lot all the way along.  I found out now it’s up to around 20 and thirty cars that were broken in to.”

The small community has been hard hit by a string of unrelated crimes.  Last June two men were stabbed in the White Oaks community, last July a man was attacked outside the building by a group of men.

“It’s just a string of terrible crime that has been going on here.”

Whitby Regional Councillor Elizabeth Roy says they are working with police to figure out who is behind the latest string of crimes.

“We know about the cars that have been broken into positive results are happening, police are collecting the tapes this afternoon there is additional security cameras going to be installed as well.”

Jennifer and a fellow resident Anne say they don’t feel safe in their apartments.

“No, no I don’t.  I have to take my dog out for a walk and I’m always terrified”

“Not really, if I could afford to move I would be gone already.”

Anne and Jennifer believe little is being done to protect the residents from crime.  Police refused an on camera interview to talk about residents’ concerns.

“It seems like nobody really cares expect you get the mayor here and or somebody in the summer and they have hot dogs and the kids are coming out and then they go for the rest of the year and they don’t care what happens to people here and it’s just awful.”

“Well that is just not true, certainly we do show up when there are specific events but the community is discussed a lot on how to make it better and how to integrate it more fully so it’s just another part of the community.”

We reached out to the property managers at the White Oaks community and did not get a response by our deadline.

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