Durham Health Warns Of Dangers Around The House

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Ikea has issued its second recall in less than a week and the region is warning parents of other potential hazards you may not be aware of…

Ikea is recalling 29-million chests of drawers worldwide after six children died in the US. They were all killed when the furniture tipped over because it wasn’t secured to a wall.

“Some furniture can topple over onto little ones because they are young and curious and they like to explore they might see a toy or something bright or the TV remote and it’s sitting on a piece of furniture and they want to climb up.  Then there is risk of the furniture toppling over if it’s not secured to the wall.”

Ikea Canada says it will repair or pay a refund for chests of drawers that don’t meet North American safety standards.  It’s urging customers to stop using them and bring the pieces back to any Ikea location for a refund.

“There are a number of ways furniture can be secured but not just the furniture the televises is as risk of tipping as well so straps can be used to anchor furniture to the wall.”

Durham Regional Health Department has its own set of resources to help parents keep their kids safe.

This summer they are reminding parents about the dangers surrounding some of their favourite summer activities.

“Water safety is a particular concern in the summer.  Especially when we are visiting back yard pools or beaches, there could be backyard ponds, hot tubs or even pales, or buckets in the backyard. Young children can drowned in as much as one inch of water, so keeping any source of water away from them is important.”

The region has created a child safety checklist on their website that covers everything from bathroom injury prevention to summer vacation safety.

“Poisoning is another concern that we have too.  Traveling, medication, and hot water are ways children can be injured through burns, so keeping hot drinks in travel mugs when little ones are sitting in your lap and medication safely locked away and out of reach of little ones.”

For more safety tips go to Durham Region’s website.  A full list of the recalled furniture is on the Ikea website.

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