Random Acts Of Kindness In Bowmanville

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A group of Bowmanville students is trying to make a difference in the world… one act of kindness at a time.

Grade 12 students at Bowmanville High School are writing a final in an usual way… by spreading random acts of kindness.

“We are here today as a class they decided to choose random acts of kindness across Bowmanville for their final exam because the course is based on community service and giving back”

“We decided we wanted to make an impact, we could’ve done many other things.  We could’ve worked with organizations but we decided that we wanted to impact Bowmanville as a whole as try to reach out to Clarington.”

A GO-bus that was shipped from Mississauga specifically for today picked the students up in Bowmanville, where they surprised lucky passengers.

“I just came from the dentist but I’m not in a better mood”

Dan McLean was just one of many residents who were greeted by the smiling student’s faces on their commute.  When passengers stepped on their bus there was a bit of confusion.

“That would be most of them if not all, but once you explain to them that we are from a school and we are doing this as an exam to spread kindness they are like ok I get it.”

“The reactions were amazing, the initial reactions was shock by the customers getting on but the students had so much energy that the customers were very quickly engaged.”

Other students who were not on the bus were involved in random acts of kindness in Bowmanville, manning lemonade stands, and giving out high fives.

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