The ‘Flame Of Hope’ Hits The Streets Of Durham

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

If you live in North Durham and saw kids carrying a torch down your street today and wondered why… We have the answer.  Here’s Joe Scarpelli.

While most were trying to beat the heat on this Wednesday, this group was bringing extra heat to the streets.  Members of DRPS North Division teamed up with students from local schools to raise money for Special Olympics Ontario by carrying the “Flame of Hope.”

“It was really fun.”

“We did a lot of fun stuff during the race… We talked and stuff.”

“It was a lot of fun and I’d want to do it again.”

Running the operation, Constable Maharaj and Constable Frech.  The two are partners and do much of their work together.  Maharaj has been on the police force for 26 years and participated in the torch run every year.

“The pride that these people show… it’s just very touching.  So, that was the hook for me.  That’s what generates the interest, that’s what generates the camaraderie without colleagues here year after year because it’s the officers that are a little more senior that say ‘hey, come on in, let’s do this’ and then the younger officers get involved and they get hooked just like I have been.”

“We just like to see how involved the kids are and we like to talk to the kids and let them know that everybody should be included.”

“Little by little we’re trying to do our best to make a better society, a better community.”

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