Durham MPP Affected In Cabinet Shuffle

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne unveiled her new cabinet Monday.  With some highlights here’s Joe Scarpelli…

Kathleen Wynne’s 30-person cabinet will now have 12 women, up from eight, making it a 40% female cabinet.    In total, seven new faces were welcomed at Queen’s Park Monday morning.  Locally, Pickering-Scarborough East MPP Tracy MacCharles remains responsible for women’s issues and additionally becomes responsible for accessibility.

“It’s a very broad term around having an accessible product.  One that is free of barriers, whether they’re physical or otherwise so that everyone can participate fully in society and not face barriers.”

MacCharles says her new role won’t make her pay any less attention to Durham Region.

“It’s also important to mention that I’m a cabinet minister on behalf of Durham Region.  I represent Scarborough East as well in the current riding, but it’s very important I think that there is a voice at the cabinet table from Durham.”

This is the first cabinet shuffle since the 2014 election.  Midway to the 2018 election, Wynne is struggling in public opinion polls.  Conservative leader Patrick Brown said in a statement “Unfortunately, Premier Wynne doesn’t realize that you shouldn’t add weight to a sinking ship.”

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