A Family Is Coping After A Fire Killed Three Of Their Pets

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A fire in a downtown Oshawa building prompted the closure of Simcoe Street South Friday morning.  Joe Scarpelli has the details.

“It’s dead… it’s gone… it’s gone up there”

This boy and his family woke up to a nightmare Friday morning inside their Simcoe Street South apartment.  A fire broke out inside their home shortly after 7am.  The family escaped, but their dog and two of their three cats were killed.

“My dad went in there to try getting the cats out but… he couldn’t get them.”

Two adults and all five children ended up on the side of the road with nothing but some blankets and donated t-shirts and water bottles from the nearby Tim Horton’s.

“I couldn’t get my shoes…”

Chief Fire Prevention Officer, Susan King says the cause of the fire is still under investigation.  She says there is extensive damage to the unit where the fire started, but crews were able to minimize damage to surrounding units.

“We did have crews that quickly put the fire out.  There was no extension to other units, crews did a great job in containing the fire to the one unit.  There is water damage throughout the other units as a result though.”

Meanwhile the family of five has been left homeless… but help is on the way.

“The Red Cross as always are very supportive when we do have situations like this and it’s my understanding that they’re going to be taking care of this family because they did not have contents insurance, so they’re going to be looking after the family and providing them with some much needed relief for the next couple of days.”

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