High School Student’s Photo Is Really Grand

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but for one high school student, it’s worth a thousand dollars.
Aaron Bailey is all smiles after being presented with a one thousand dollar bursary.
     “This check is going towards my tuition.  As a young person working part time finance is a concern for me and to take some of the pressure off me is amazing.”
     The grade 12 student at Holy Trinity Catholic School in Courtice is preparing to head off to Queen’s University later this year.  Bailey’s Principal Lisa Cole is thrilled he’s being recognized for his hard work.
     Lisa Cole, Principal:
     “He’s one of the most devoted students at school.  His photography is spectacular and we’re going to miss him when he goes off to post secondary next year.”
     Edge Imaging,  a school photography company based out of Burlington,  recently held the high school photo contest.
      Andy Krampitz, Territory Manager, Edge Imaging:
      “We decided to run an instagram program for our grad photos this year in which the students would post an instagram photo of their most favourable moment and Aaron was fortunate enough to win the contest.”
  Kim Noble, Edge Imaging:
     “So we got a huge variety of photos that made it difficult to choose because they were so different and really amazing to see what the kids came up with.”
     “So the photo I took was of my friend, Alex’s back plate which said, I can do all things.  He tore a ligament and he decided to battle back through his injury and the saying meant a lot to him.”
     Bailey says he feels like a huge financial load has been lifted off of his shoulders.
     “Through out this year I’ve been looking to take that pressure off.  I put in my entries and glad it worked out for me.”

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