Local Group Aims To Put Food On Everyone’s Table

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

More than 900 thousand Canadians will turn to a food bank this summer.  Food banks Canada is doing its part to fight the hunger issue with its Every Plate Full initiative running throughout May.

Food Banks Canada will be launching its Every Plate Full initiative beginning May 1st by partnering with food banks across Canada including the Clarington East Food Bank.

Dorathy Gass:

“The initiative is really to focus on the fact that food insecurity is an issue that affects Canadian’s and Clarington East throughout the year.”

Dorathy Gass says donations drop during the summer months making it far more challenging to keep up with the demand.

“9 hundred thousand Canadians who are going to go to a food bank this summer and 37 percent of those Canadians are children.”

In fact, more than 26 million meals are needed this summer.

Marni Lewis says the Clarington East Food Bank is one of many joining the month long campaign which aims to fill every Canadian plate during the summer months.

“We do tend to have to buy our own juice, cookies. Some of the things that go rather quickly and we don’t get a lot donated.  We’re excited that for the month, hopefully the community will pull together and stock our shelves for the summer months.”

Ways to donate include organizing a food drive or making a monetary donation.

Gass says every dollar raised equals out to 3 meals.  She says no donation is too small and is hoping people will do their part to help ensure every Canadian is nourished this summer.

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