Oshawa Mother Takes On Lakeridge Health

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Lakeridge Health announced the members of their expert advisory panel to review patient experience at the Emergency Room in Oshawa.  One Oshawa mother is hoping for a bigger change.

Kathryn Mckissock is braving the weather going door to door to get signatures for her petition against Lakeridge Health’s advisory panel.

“What we would like is the Ministry of Health come in and review the hospital from the top to the bottom so we are not having everything fall on the people at the bottom.

We want them took look at their spending, where the money is going through the hospital.  Who is in charge of this hospital? How is there nobody there to recognize that people are being treated this way?”

On Thursday Lakeridge Health announced the three members of their advisory panel who will review patience experiences at the Emergency Room in Oshawa.

The review is in response to thousands of complaints which surfaced on a Facebook page launched by Mckissock.

“It all started with my daughter I took her in to Lakeridge Health quite a few times and was sent away numerous times over and over again.

The last time I pretty much had to carry her out she was so sick”

Mckissock took her daughter Jordan to the hospital for sick children In Toronto where the girl was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease.

“I took GO trains and cabs to get to the Sick Kids Hospital and I’m grateful that I did.

I don’t know if she would be here if I didn’t get her there that night.”

Earlier this month Lakeridge health Interim President and CEO Tom McHugh addressed the complaints.

“We are going to look at the way we deal with patients concerns, how the raise them, how timely, how thorough, how do patients feel that they got heard and then finally we are going to talk and use our emergency team and experts to talk about when patients come to our emergency care it’s a stressful time.  When they go away, do they understand our findings? Do they know the next step in care? Do they feel confident they got the care they needed?”

Mckissock feels that Lakeridge Health shouldn’t be allowed to select who is reviewing them.

She wants the Ministry of Health to do an investigation and seeks a   a higher level of government to help her out. She has reached out to local Oshawa MPP.

“We have been in contact with Jennifer French’s office and they will be bringing the petition to Queens Park,”

The panel will develop an action plan over the next three months to improve the patient experience in the emergency room and other key areas, the report will be made public.

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