Stores Are Popping Up In Downtown Oshawa

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Two new businesses have opened shop in downtown Oshawa.  These pop up shops are part of a plan to further revitalize the downtown core.
Sara Ward puts the finishing touches on her model.  Ward is the proud owner of Visual Feast Studio & Gallery, one of two Pop-Up Shops celebrating grand openings in Downtown Oshawa, today.
Sara Ward, Owner-Visual Feast Studio & Gallery:
“I’ve never done something like this so I’m looking at it, the best case scenerio I’m here for quite some time.  Worse case scenerio, I’m here for 6 to 8 months with some advertising and again a face to the public.  So either way I think it’s a great opportunity.”
Oshawa Regional Councillor John Aker says the city with the BIA and the landlords have devised a plan called the pop up shops, temporary stores that pop into empty storefronts at very low rental rates.  The pop up shop program creates short-term opportunities for retailers to test the market and potentially generate long-term lease arrangements in formerly vacant spaces.
Councillor John Aker
“Our downtown is changing for the better everyday.  We have a 12 story tower going up in the downtown and all these things are going to make the downtown more inviting and more people living in the downtown.”
Amy Booker says she’s wanted to open Events to Go for over a year.
“The rents in the GTA area are quite expensive.  The risk of small business is quite high so this was a really great opportunity for someone to open a business and not have the stress of affordability of rent and to see if your business is going to be profitable and how its going to work out without the fear of having to be tied into something.”
Both owners say the pop up shops give businesses a great opportunity to get started.  Both also say they plan to keep going and iron out all the details and hopefully with the community support to stay in business for a long time.

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