New Report Shows An Alarming Increase In Obesity In Women

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It’s International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate all the wonderful women in the world, but a new report called Women in Canada: A Gender-based Statistical was released and it shows an alarming increase in obesity in women…
the new report relased by stats can shows an  alarming rate of obesity in females.
“There are so many convenient foods now a days not even just take outs and resterraunts, but when you go to the grocery stores there are so many foods that are a lot more convenient and we are not getting as much nutritional value out of them.”
The report says that more than 25-percent of girls between 6- 11 years old are overweight, 28 percent of girls between 12-18 are overweight and adult obesity rates are up significantly from 1981 for women between 20-39 at 24% .
to put it in perspective it was 4% in 1981
“I can’t say I am surprised. Even how we view ffood we are very interested in health but we are following diets that are yo yo dieting and we are looking at foods as bad and good and it’s not erally a healthy relationship that we have with food.”
 Schools have made changes to help  children achieve  a healthier lifestyle -from removing sugary drinks to more planned physical activities.  However it is the adults who  need to make more of an effort to curb the obesitiy trend
‘Throughout the day our routine are becoming more sedentrary and while we are making plans to exercise like to go to the gym just through the day we are not moving as much as we should be.  It’s not just the planned physical activity we need to do more throughout the day like walking in the grocery story ro to work.”
The report shows that lower household incomes and less education are associated with negative health behaviours and chronic conditions among girls and women 12 and  older.

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