Winter Blast Causes Havoc On Durham Roads

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Last night’s snow fall caused a lot of headaches.  Whether you were traveling by planes, trails, or automobiles you would’ve experienced a delay from the weather. There have been hundreds of collisions on the 401 and 14 on Durham roads in the last 24 hours.

It wasn’t the amount of snow meteorologists were predicting for the GTA.  But that white stuff still made for a messy commute for motorists this morning.  OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt says there were a number of collisions between 5 pm yesterday and 2 am this morning.

“We did about 200 collisions plus many more vehicles that were sliding around and that never got reported and it certainly kept all of our officers very busy and 911 system very busy as well.”

Schmidt says the weather made the roads more difficult to drive on.  He says we can’t blame collisions solely on the weather.

“It comes down to drivers not adjusting their driving to the conditions they’re experiencing.  Most of the collisions we investigated were minor.  A lot of property damage, vehicles spinning out, losing control because their changing lanes or steering too aggressively or hitting the breaks that results in vehicles sliding.”

So what do you do if you’re involved in a wreck on the 401?  Schmidt says if you can still drive your vehicle, then move off the highway and exchange information with the other driver.  The same information applies to local roadways and streets.

Sgt. Bill Calder, Spokesperson, DRPS

“If it’s a very busy intersection and your car can get off the road, we’re not opposed to you getting your car moved into a safe position.  If there’s no injuries and damage is minor, we do have a collision reporting centre that operates in Durham Region.  You can take your car somewhere in area of 24 hours after collision and get information that way.  Just exchange information with other driver, the license, ownership and insurance.”

Sgt Calder says officers respond to collisions when there are injuries, suspected impaired driving or if the vehicle is an obstruction and can’t be moved.  He says it’s also not a bad idea to get a quick photograph of the area, if you can do so, safely.  He says the photo is another piece of evidence officers can work with to investigate the collision.

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