Local Boy Helps Children In Need

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A 10-year-old Oshawa boy is on a mission to help feed hungry children in Durham Region.  Rita Nave has the details.

Kevin Ibbitson raised the large sum through the sale of his new line of clothing called K3.

“Well we saw the stats that 1 in 7 kids don’t get to eat food, healthy food for breakfast in the morning in Durham Region so we wanted to make it 7 out of 7.  It makes me sad because humans have to eat and kids who don’t get to eat, just makes me feel really sad.”

The Grade 5 student turned entrepreneur says he knew he had to do something to change the startling stats and that’s where the idea came from for the unique t-shirts, toques and hoodies.

“Well I wanted to try and feed kids because I thought the K could stand for Kids and 3 for 3 meals a day.  Also because Kevin and I’m Kevin the 3rd because I’m the third Kevin in my family.”

For every item sold, Kevin will donate 50 % of the money towards feeding children.

Ana Mazhar-Durham’s Child Nutrition project

“This is the kind of community support that we look for.  Durham Child Nutrition project helps over 137 schools right now in the region to help kids get nutritious food early in the morning so this money is going to go a long way for us.”

Kevin’s dad says the support his son has been receiving is overwhelming.

“It just makes me so proud.  I feel so bundled up with joy and proud of him. Like on twitter and Facebook, lots of famous people have started following him.  Alex Maclean from East Coast Lifestyles has offered to be his mentor.  He’s just had an unbelievable amount of support from people.  His goal is to donate 1 million dollars by the end of the year.  If he achieves that goal then we can change the mission to feeding adults or housing and take the knife and fork and turn it into a house.”

Dad and son have no plans to slow down.  They spend 3 hours a day responding to messages and requests.  The clothing ranges in price from 20 to 50 dollars.

“It makes me feel proud and happy that I’ve helped feed some kids.”

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