I switched to Rogers Digital. While most channels are analog, it appears that CHANNEL 12 is digital already?

CHANNEL 12 does not broadcast in a digital format (see question 1), but is carried on the digital service through Rogers, providing access into Toronto and surrounding areas (there’s a monthly fee for a set top box that decodes 100+ channels).

Can I obtain a copy of a news story?

Yes. The cost for a DVD or VHS news dub is $20.00 (twenty dollars), which includes library search and retrieval, transfer time and tape/disc cost. You may pay by cash, cheque or Visa, when you pick up the tape/DVD from our reception area at 10 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa. Simply telephone us to make arrangements 905-434-2421.

Do you give tours through the station?

We have an annual Open House called Doors Open Oshawa that happens every September for the public to tour the facility. School and individual tours may be arranged in advance. Call Channel 12 to make arrangements at 905-434-2421.

How can I find out about and apply for, employment positions within your company?

We have a link to the Careers@Corus webpage located in the bottom menu bar on our homepage.

I was filmed, but didn’t end up your news/sports report… why?

A videographer may shoot more footage or a greater number of interviews than will appear in a final edited report. In the edit suite, segments may be left out of a video piece due to time constraints, editorial or technical considerations.

I missed my favourite show last week, can I buy a tape copy?

We are sorry but the answer is no. Our contracts with the program distributors are for on-air broadcast only.

I want to make a commercial for my business…

Great ! You can’t beat television for getting your message out.
Call our General Sales Manager, Elaine Garnett at 905-434-2421 extension 222.