Durham Feels The Heat In October

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

A very unusual day today as temperatures soared into the high 20s across Durham Region, making it hard to believe that it’s actually mid-October.  With more, here’s Joe Scarpelli.

Halloween is less than two weeks away, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at Gordon Grover.  He’s enjoying the water off the shore of Lakeview Park Beach on an unusually warm October day.
“This just happened to work perfect for me and I get it all to myself today.”
His audience says it’s quite warm today, but not warm enough for a dip.
“Crazy…I don’t think I would do that.”
“I’ve never seen anyone actually surfing.  I thought that was more reserved for Hawaii and places like that.”
For sisters Barb and Gale, normally an October day  would mean something much different than a walk on the beach.
“Probably hibernating.”
“Usually working.”
Back in the water, Grover’s wet suit is four millimetres thick.  He says he’s actually quite comfortable in chilly Lake Ontario.  He says he’ll be body surfing Ontario’s lakes until as late in year as possible.
“Anytime the waves are big enough and I can tolerate the weather and I’m available…..and right now they’re so big, they look so good, don’t they?”
Grover might be in luck because the forecast has temperatures staying above normal until Thursday.

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