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The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives did a study on the best cities in Canada for women and it has Oshawa ranked near the bottom.  A ranking that most women in the community don’t agree with.

The Motor City  ranked 24th out of 25 possible spots for the best cities in Canada for women.. the study looked at gaps between males and females in such terms as economic and personal security, education and health.

Oshawa City Councillor and former Mayor Nancy Diamond has a problem with how the study  was conducted.

“The last time they did a similar survey I contacted them and checked because they assume that the Oshawa census metropolitan area was Oshawa so first of all the numbers are not valid for this city and they’ve done the same thing again.”

The study ranked Oshawa at the bottom when it comes to leadership saying it has the lowest percentage of women in senior management or political representation.

“It isn’t nearly as bad as I think this rating.  Within the city the president and the CEO of Chambers of Commerce are women, as is the president of the Durham real-estate board.  Woman hold very senior positions at UOIT and Durham College so they are respected are involved in the community.”

Oshawa’s MPP  is Jennifer ‘French, another woman in a high profile role here.

“We need to get out of our own way sometimes because we can be our own obstacles and there are enough obstacles out there for us, so to hear that we have lower rates of women involved in leadership positions I’m sorry to hear that but I don’t think that it surprises me.”

The YWCA issued a response to channel 12 on the study’s results, “Needless to say, we are more than aware of the gaps and disparities that exist between men and women. We work hard every day to help to reduce these gaps and improve the status of women…  It is saddening and disappointing that such power imbalances exist simply based on one’s gender.”

“If we look at the broader picture In terms of involvement and I look at that may I saw over decades, we are so much farther a head than we were.”

The study also showed that women earned 69% of what men earned on average.

“ We have a lot to do but as they say we have also come a very long way.”

The top city on the list for the second year in a row is Victoria

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