Local Charity Receives Some International Love

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

Canadians coast-to-coast have likely seen or heard about the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charity.  Today, the Abilities Centre and Grandview Children’s Centre witnessed its benefits firsthand.  Joe Scarpelli has more.

The Parasport Fund, which is a joint program between Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities and the Canadian Paralympic Committee, donated nearly sixty thousand dollars to the Abilities Centre and Grandview Children’s Centre in Durham.  Grandview CEO Lorraine Sunstrum-Mann say this money will take financial pressure off some families.

“Typically sports outside of school involve a registration fee and for some of our families their expenses because their children have disabilities are already astronomical.”

Abilities Centre Executive Director Leo Plue says para-athlete development has several benefits.

“It’s not just about the athletics, it’s also about the social part of it, it’s about acceptance, it’s about inclusion, it’s about them feeling part of something and feeling a sense of pride, a sense of being able to do something when people have told them they can’t.”

Eric Cartlidge is a manager for Jumpstart Charities and gets to witness how this program changes the lives of children.

“That’s one of the best parts of my job.  I get to travel around and see some of the programs in action and I see the kids in action and we also get some fantastic thank you notes from parents and organizations saying how much impact it’s had on their life or organization.  But the smiles on the kids’ faces usually say it all.”

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