Clarington Fire Had Their Hands Full At DYEC

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

It has been a busy 24 hours for Clarington fire crews.  Firefighters spent several hours battling a blaze at the Durham York Energy Centre.

Just after 1:30 on Tuesday afternoon Clarington fire CREWS were called to the Durham York energy Centre.

“There was smoke in the pit where we actually dump the garbage that is loaded in our energy for waste facility.”

The building was evacuated and a few trained staff at the facility tried to put the fire out on their own.

“Because it was a small about of smoke they used the fire suppression system that is in the pit, they are big fire water cannons and they actually spray that on to where the smoke is coming from.”

Unfortunately the fire was bigger than staff at the Centre was able to handle.

“There was quite a bit of smoke generated in the area but once we got a few things open and some fans going it mitigated that and it just took quite a while to actually put the seed of the fire out.”

The cause of the fire is under investigation.  Fire officials say these kinds of fires are common at this time of year.

“With people starting up their fireplaces and throwing out their ashes and not making sure they are properly cooled down it is a real reminder to residents to be careful you don’t want a fire in your garage where you are storing your waste.”

There was no significant damage to the facility and no injuries reported.  Management says there was no threat to the community in terms of air quality.

“That facility is actually designed to contain the smoke within the facility, it actually has a ventilation system because it does burn waste it actually is designed to take the air of where the fire is and put it through the system so that it is manage properly.”

The facility was offline until 8 pm Tuesday night.

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