Montreal Pit Bull Ban Has Ripple Effect In Durham

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

A Quebec judge has temporarily suspended Montreal’s controversial ban on pit bulls, a law that was implemented in Ontario over a decade ago.

Rascal has been living at the Humane Society of Durham Region since March.  They have been trying to find a home for him outside of Ontario, because of the pit bull ban that was put in place here in 2005.  A ban that recently came into effect in Montreal, but has since been temporarily suspended by a judge.

“We were devastated that there was another ban against pit bulls, it just seem so unfair that particular breads are being targeted by municipalities.”

In Ontario in 2009 the provincial law banning pit bulls was challenged but the Supreme Court of Canada upheld Ontario’s ban.

“this guy came in to us he was abandoned, found tied up on the street, he is a young pup and he is the most beautiful dog and we could have adopted him ten times over but we are not allowed.”

The staff at the Durham Region Humane Society found a home for Rascal in Fort McMurray but the owner wasn’t able to follow through with the adoption because of the devastating fires.

Now with the possible ban of pit bulls in Montreal it means it will be even harder to find Rascal a forever home.

“We have been looking for rescues in Alberta, in the US that we have been in touch with but it’s getting more and more difficult to place those dogs.”

Karen says while the pit bulls are strong it usually not the dogs fault why they have aggression.

“Animals have an immense ability to love and forgive and forget, but sadly some dogs are raised for use in crime and are used to protect drug houses.”

The judge will decide by 5 pm on Wednesday whether the law passed last week should remain suspended until a legal challenge by the SPCA is heard.

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