Day Of Hope & Leadership Continues To Bring Community Together

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

The community gathered for a day of hope and inspiration.  Mike Green has the details.

The Day of Hope and Leadership has been bringing the community together for almost a decade.

Dan Carter, Founder of The Day of Hope and Leadership, “The very first year that we started we didn’t know what we were doing.  We had 275 people there and all we wanted to do was just kind of pour into people’s lives.  So, 9 years later to just be able to see it, and a sold out crowd again.”

Keynote speakers were on hand to inspire the crowd to make their next bold step.

Cate Collins, “When your heart is right, your world is right.  So really tap into what is the right next step for you, for your heart.  And that really is where the answer lies and the next step will just show itself and make sure you have people around you, your tribe, that really help you through whatever it is you want to achieve.”

The event was personal for some in the crowd.

Deanna Thomas, “A long time ago I grew up in Oshawa and I went to Conant Public School, so just to see what they’re doing in that school and empowering the people of Durham Region is fantastic.”

The speakers hope to inspire the community, but what inspires them?

Dan Carter, “This day inspires me and it really reminds me of how lucky I am to live in a great community like this.”

Cate Collins, “My son continues to inspire me, who’s now 22.  He definitely inspires me, no question.”

The Day of Hope and Leadership has been helping inspire the community for almost 10 years and hopes to continue to bring future leaders together for many more to come.

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