401 Crash Leaves One Person Dead Sends Another To Hospital

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

One person is dead and another is injured after an accident on the 401 early Thursday morning.  As Joe Scarpelli explains this accident may have been avoidable with a few safety precautions.

A horrific crash on the 401 left one woman dead after the car she was in was rear ended… OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt says the vehicle was either slowing down or stopped at the time of impact.  It’s not yet known if mechanical issues played a part but Schmidt says if you are ever in a situation where your vehicle is mechanically failing, getting out of a live lane is vital.

“If your vehicle can even limp off the highway, even if you’re getting a flat tire or something is not running right, we still want you to try to get off the highway all together.”

Schmidt says to call 911 immediately if you’re unable to exit a live lane.  As for city streets, Durham Police Sergeant Bill Calder echoes the same advice but says you should take advantage of the fact that it’s a bit easier to get to safety.

“Wait until it’s safe to get out but I mean make that your priority.  Make sure your priority is to get away from that car.”

If approaching a stalled vehicle, Calder says many incidents can be avoided by following the rules of the road.

“City streets are a lot easier.  If you’re doing the speed limit you should have enough time to react and actually stop before you hit that car.”

It’s also important to keep up regular maintenance on your vehicle.

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