New Athletic Program Comes To Durham

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A new program launched in Whitby on Friday that will help local athletes reach international potential.

The academy is designed to support student athletes to achieve a high level in academics and athletics.

“What is really unique about the program is that it is designed in part with sports organizations and is a truly community partnership program.”

The Abilities Centre and the Durham District School Board have teamed up to create the one of a kind experience that will help take students education and athletic skills to the next level.

“It’s an extension of the high performance  athlete performance and education credit so every student that comes to the program are considered full time equivalency which is great on site and A.S.A.D they receive one on one tutoring and further academic support.”

The targeted students are in grades 9-12 and will pay a tuition that will go towards hands on academic learning and athletic training.  Each student will go to the abilities centre for half the day.  The other half will be spent at a school in Durham.

“I’m excited for this program because previously I had a very busy schedule.  I was coming home at 11 at night but this schedule really helps me involve basketball and school and get home at a decent time to finish my homework and have a social life.”

One of the benefits of the program is that it keeps local talented athletes in the region rather than going to popular schools in the states, which then keeps them close to their family and friends while they try and reach their end goal.

“In order to get a college scholarship you need both academics and your basketball so you can be the best player of your age but if you don’t have the grades you won’t be going anywhere.“

11 students are enrolled in the program this semester.

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