Durham District School Board Ready For Potential Threats

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RCMP are investigating the bomb hoax that saw thousands of students evacuated from schools, but how prepared are Durham schools if a threat happened here.

“Our major crime units are involved, all three districts of the RCMP and the municipal police forces in PEI are all involve in the investigation.”

Schools across PEI reopened Thursday after all of them were evacuated Wednesday because of a  bomb threat that in the end  police determined was not credible.  The question now for Durham Region is, how prepared are the schools here for any major threats?

“There is a new provincial model for bomb threats that is included in the new model. We have a precise set provincial plan that deals with those types of situations that dictates how we should deal with those things.”

RCMP say a fax was sent to Ottawa RCMP early Wednesday from someone threatening to detonate bombs at several schools.

“If a threat came into a school or a series of schools first and foremost it is taking that initial information and then the principal or vice principal or whomever Is in charge of the school would immediate the police.”

Durham District School Board has their students practice a variety of safety drills each year.

“You might do a partial evacuation of a school because it’s isolated to one area or you might do a full evacuation so students will be trained on both.”

Unfortunately over the past few years, schools have had to implement the protocols practiced in the drills.

“It’s a reality that sometimes schools have to go into a hold and secure because of something happening in the community and what comes to mind immediately is a few years ago we had a fire in the community and because of the smoke we had to evacuate a couple of schools and that was a coordinated thing that happened and involved actually Durham transit helping out as well to evacuate the students.”

Next week The Durham District School Board will hold their Safety Week were students and staff at schools will participate IN drills, and a variety of other safety-themed activities.

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