The GM Effect On The Local Economy

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Oshawa is still buzzing with word GM will be staying in the city.  There was a lot riding on the decision…not only for GM employees, but local businesses.

“If they spend it here.  If they bring the 100 million and spend it on rock and roll and vintage clothing I think that would be a good move.”

John Hamilton owns a memorabilia store in downtown Oshawa with his business partner Poppy. He independent stores like his needs General Motors presence in the community to survive.

“We need those boys! I think it has always been a major industry in Oshawa and any corporation of that size in a city of our size is very necessary.  We can’t afford to let them go.  I think it would be wildly detrimental to Oshawa to lose them so I am really happy they are still with us.”

Early Tuesday morning it was announced the GM had reached a tentative deal with Unifor that would secure the future of GM in Oshawa.

Bill Kudla comes from a long line of family members who have worked at GM, he knows firsthand how the workers help the community.

“In Oshawa , we shop we work long hours so we go to restaurants because a lot of the time we don’t have time to prepare meals and we travel so we actually put a lot of our money back in to the economy and we help pay really good taxes.”

Oshawa mayor john henry also knows from personal experience the impact the GM community has on his city.  His brother still works for GM and his dad is a retiree from general motors Canada.

“There probably isn’t a person in Oshawa who hasn’t been touched my GM of Canada.

When I was going up it was the line workers who went out and flooded all of our parks and turned them into rinks and coached us in baseball, hockey, and lacrosse you know they are the leaders of our community.”

The workers will hold a ratification vote on Sunday.

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