Police Searching For Suspect After Children Approached

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

The search is on for a male who is alleged to have inappropriately touched two young kids at an Oshawa park.  Joe Scarpelli has more.

Two children, one five-year-old female and one male around the same age were playing in an Oshawa neighbourhood.  Police say it captured the attention of an unwanted guest.

SGT Calder “They were playing a game when a male came on a bicycle and approached them and asked if he could play as well.”

Just out of the sight of the parents, the man began to take the conversation in an inappropriate direction.

Calder “That male said as part of the game he had to do some other things and he actually inappropriately touched both of the kids.”

While we attempted to speak with people in the park today, no one wished to go on   camera.  One couple we spoke with were aware of the incident, and were keeping their eyes open for anything suspicious.

Calder “He might live in the area.”

Investigators are asking anyone in the area with video surveillance to check their files and contact police.

Calder “Something that gives us more to work with on this because we are dealing with the description from a very young girl.”

The five-year-old describes the suspect as a male in his late teens or older, with brown skin and dark spots on his face.  He was wearing a sleeveless shirt with a basketball on it and black shorts and riding a blue bicycle with stripes on it.

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