Oshawa Second Marsh Gets A Second Life

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A drone took flight at Oshawa Second Marsh this morning to do some unique work.  Here’s Joe Scarpelli with how the City of Oshawa is taking advantage of today’s technology.

Ever wonder what’s growing or living at Oshawa Second Marsh?  This drone took flight to find out.  It’s about 400 acres of land.  Dan Halc, the pilot, hopes to have this project complete in a day or two.

“If you had to walk this, this would take about three months…I’m not even sure three months…”

Halc says he’ll be able to identify progress of vegetation, what species live in the Marsh and just about anything else happening at ground level.

“It’s a lot more accurate than anything Google provides and you can actually zoom in.  When we use centimetre resolution you can bring yourself to five metres altitude and see clearly.”

It’s a piece of property that’s quite rare these days.

David McLachlin says, “Second Marsh is one of the last remaining coastal wet lands in the Greater Toronto Area.  All the other ones have been lost.  They’ve been converted to marinas, or filled in, or whatever.  This is still a pretty pristine marsh.”

At one point the marsh was in a trouble after invasive carp made its presence.  Carp can crowd native fish out of their habitat.   David McLachlin is a biologist with Ducks Unlimited.  McLachlin and his team joined forces with Friends of Second Marsh, the City of Oshawa, and Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority…the invasive carp was no match for the group.

“There has been a really successful response to those seeds that have been lain dormant in that mud all these years waiting for the right conditions… waiting for Ducks Unlimited and all the partners to come along to expose them to allow them to grow.”

Now they await Halc’s results, and will put some finishing touches to create an ideal habitat for the ducks and other wildlife.

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