Durham Farmers Show Off New Technology

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

Do you know what your local farming community is up to? Joe Scarpelli went on a tour today that explains just that.  The new technology may surprise you.

The cows at Werry’s farm are actually milked by a robot, at a time of their own choosing according to John Werry.

“They design their own day…eat, drink, lay down, be milked whenever they please.”

Werry is the fouth generation owner of Loa-De-Mede Farms.  His property was host to the annual Durham Agricultural Committee tour.  The purpose of the tour is to make politicians and decision makers aware of the importance of farming.  Zac Cohoon is a full-time farmer and vice chair on the committee.

“We want to be part of the planning process for roads, land division and as well we want to make sure that Durham Region understands agricultures role in the region.”

David Burnett was a guest at the farm.  Prior to going on his first tour he had limited knowledge of the farming industry.  He says it has opened his eyes to a new world.

“It’s a huge industry…my understanding is that it’s even bigger than the auto industry in southern Ontario.  It’s a huge economic driver in southern Ontario and in Durham particular they seem to be really innovative in some of the farming practices that they’ve adopted.”

The cows at this farm also wear collars more advanced than the latest version the apple watch.  Information from the band is sent to Werry in real time with information such as the current state of the cows hunger and health.

“In Canada we’re probably pushing five percent of farms are robotic now.”

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