DRPS Runs Weed Stores Out Of Town

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

Medical marijuana users in Oshawa were shocked to learn their local dispensary is closed.

“I am upset because I think that it as helping me with my pain but my anxiety so it’s very upsetting.”

“It’s upsetting because now I won’t be able to get that and you know I don’t want to have to sit there and take 20,000 Aleves or everything else and be hooked to pain killers.”

Tina and Jennifer are just two of many medical cannabis users in Oshawa that were shocked to hear that many of the dispensaries were closing in Durham.  The Emerald Triangle, which was formally known as the Weed Emporium when it opened earlier this year received a letter from police.

“The majority of dispensaries in Durham Region received a letter from Durham Regional Police and they have advised them to cease all operations.”

“This dispensary received a letter from DRPS asking them to comply with Health Canada and the new legislation.”

The new federal legislation states storefront dispensaries and compassion clubs are still illicit and that they “illegally supplied” and provide unregulated products that “may be unsafe.”

So what does this mean for the ‘Iris,’ “they are closing, there is absolutely no cannabis in there.”

The store on North Simcoe in Oshawa had a steady flow of customers since its opening in April.

“We have had so many people that have come in here with a real access issue they have no internet they live in multi-unit homes they are unable mailed to them or their doctor or they can’t find a doctor that is willing to prescribe cannabis.”

We reached out to Durham Police, but they declined to comment.

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