DRPS Out In Full Force This Long Weekend

Durham, ON, Canada / channel12

This long weekend marks the last one of the summer.  As Joe Scarpelli reports, Durham Police will be out in full force.

Tracey Currie describes this time of year as a fresh start as summer holidays for most people wind down.

“It feels very much like a new year for me in September.”

Tracey says she’ll be dog sitting for her brother this long weekend and going for long walks.  She’s happy to hear that police will be patrolling the roads this long weekend to help keep her and her loved ones safe.

“It’s nice to know that they have a presence in the community and everybody can play safely.”

Durham Police say they’ll be out this long weekend enforcing all the usual laws of the road but distracted driving continues to be a problem.  According to police, drivers don’t necessarily have to be on the phone to get a ticket, it’s as simple as being caught with your head down.

Con. David Ashfield “If we see a phone in your hand… and you don’t even have to be on it at the time… if it’s capable of receiving or texting, you will receive a ticket for $490 and three points.”

This long weekend also marks the unofficial end of summer as students head back to school on Tuesday.  Detective Constable David Ashfield says to expect an even heavier police presence.

“We’ll have help from our community resource units, our school officers, as many units as possible who can spare bodies, we’ll have those bodies out doing enforcements in school zones… and it’s not just in one particular area, it’s in all areas of the region.”

Ashfield says it’s a two-way street… pedestrians must be alert as well.

“We’ve had the rage of Pokemon Go all summer long, we’ve seen a lot of people with their heads down walking, now it’s time to concentrate.”

Young Aidan knows the rules and insists he’ll be following them.

“Make sure to look both ways, make sure the driver see’s you to make sure that he’s not going to hit you or anything.”

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