Venomous Snake On The Loose In Ajax

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Authorities are searching for a venomous snake on the loose in Ajax.  As Joe Scarpelli tells us, the town is warning residents to be cautious.

Nicholas West’s favourite jogging spot is the Greenwood Conservation Area.  He says every now and then he’s spotted some animals, but he’s never been on the lookout for anything like this.

“Certain time of the year salmon are out swimming around.  I’ve seen a couple rabbits.  I thought I spotted a deer once but I’m not too sure.”

It’s unprecedented in this park, a venomous snake was spotted by a resident who sent the picture off to the Toronto Zoo.  According to the town of Ajax, the snake has been identified as a copperhead, which is venomous and not native to Canada.

Derek Hannan – Manager of By-Law “It appears that somebody had illegally released the snake into the area.”

Derek Hannan is the town’s Manager of By-Law.  He says he learned from the conservation authority that a bite from the snake is usually not fatal to adults, but could be dangerous to pets and children.

Derek Hannan “Anybody should be receiving medical treatment immediately if they are bitten by this type of snake.”

Hannan says this type of snake likely won’t survive a Canadian winter, but until then, the hunt is on.

Hannan “The town has recently got into conversations with the Indian River reptile zoo who have agreed that they’re going to come out on our behalf and start some looking around to see if they can find this snake.”

Nicholas West admits that he’s no expert on snakes, but he’ll play it safe if he encounters a snake.

Nicholas “I would assume they’re all poisonous and run away as fast as I can.  I am not a snake connoisseur.”

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